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High-throughput discovery is hitting a complexity barrier.

As high-throughput technologies advance, there is an increasing need for intelligent experimental design tools that can find targets in large, complex search spaces. Traditional experimental design methods pare down huge search spaces until they are small enough to be explored exhaustively. But as the spaces being searched become more and more complex, these methods increasingly fail due to the following problems:

  • Huge experimental spaces – as the number of system constituents and experimental parameters increases, exhaustive search of the experimental space becomes impractical and economically unfeasible.
  • Unpredictable synergies – beneficial, nonlinear interactions between system constituents often cannot be inferred from basic chemical and physical laws.
ProtoLife's Predictive Design Technology™ (PDT) solves these problems. PDT is an automated, intelligent predictive modeling tool that finds optimal targets in huge, complex experimental spaces without exhaustive screening.

PDT "closes the loop" for iterated high-throughput screening.

PDT enables your iterated high-throughput screening campaigns to be vastly more efficient. Our partners sample experimental spaces in their laboratories, and ProtoLife's intelligent models instantly analyze the data and determine which experiments to do next for optimal results. This loop runs seamlessly until the desired targets are found.

Iterated high-throughput experimentation with ProtoLife
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Advantages for our partners include:

  • a robust tool for handling synergy: PDT can search huge and highly synergistic spaces.
  • huge efficiency gains: PDT saves time and materials by drastically decreasing the amount of experiments needed to find optimal targets in a screening campaign.
  • broad applicability: PDT works with a wide variety of experimental systems.
  • automation: closed loops run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • opening new doors: screening campaigns that were unfeasible become practical with PDT.
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